welcome to the page. thanks for being here. please take a peek. the goal is to offer a reasonable option for families and individuals. life is happening….we all work hard for our money. we all are watching our pennies. hiring a photographer seems a bit lavish. if we work together you will be hiring a friend and it won’t break the bank. can’t wait to hear from you! ~ Kelli

i have been behind a camera for as long as i can remember. it feels right. i have evolved behind the camera. i am drawn to wildlife and landscapes but for many years i have been capturing the almost lost moments for many of my family and friends. it feels intimate, private, it is a privilege to share in their lives in such a loving way. the casual settings, no pressures, just life as it unfolds. i like it that way. that is what you get from me. if that sounds like something you can get on board with, head over to the let’s do this this page and we can make a plan.

taking time to catch the moments you miss

you live it.

i capture it.


take a peek life is happening…. let’s do this